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Contributing to causes that make a difference in our world is at the heart of the Worldtown Movement—partnering with individuals and organizations to realize opportunities for community growth through creative collaborations is an essential part of our mission as Worldtown Citizens.

Worldtown aims to inspire positive social change by bringing awareness to local issues through fundraising and community service. WT has helped locally with urban farming, hosting workshops and teaching students music therapy to name a few—they aim to make real, tangible change, and along the way inspire thousands. Worldtown citizens is a community of people from all backgrounds passionate about sharing energizing music and expansive art, unifying through connection and inspiring action.

Worldtown Citizens Community Service Project

Music & Arts Organization Launches Service Project at Philly Urban Creators’ Farm

Worldtown, a Philadelphia based music and arts organization, launched Worldtown Citizens in 2017. The Worldtown Citizens is an outreach initiative that serves to mobilize volunteers to participate in community service projects in the greater Philadelphia area.


The WT Citizens launch event was a service party in collaboration with the Philly Urban Creators, a grassroots organization dedicated to “transforming neglected landscapes into dynamic safe-spaces that foster connectivity, self-sufficiency, and innovation.” Their goal is to stabilize struggling neighborhoods and encourage youth development through artistic expression, education, and urban farming.


Worldtown is calling on all organizations, businesses, school groups, and media outlets in Philadelphia to help spread the word and be a part of the movement.

Thank you everyone who participated in our launch event with Philly Urban Creators. We were able to mobilize over 140 volunteers from the community and Temple University. We look forward to sharing more opportunities to continue growing together.

 Worldtown is an out of this world collective of global musicians and artists, raising the bar for what it means to be creative changemakers.