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Bringing together creators, musicians and artists from across the globe, Worldtown is a community passionate about sharing energizing music and expansive art, unifying through action and inspiring growth.


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Worldtown DJs


“Join this movement to celebrate and activate—whoever you are, whatever you are doing in the name of love, we see you. “

Hailing from Lagos, Nigeria and Vermont, USA Worldtown International’s founding member DJs Ben Arsenal and Oluwafemi have been wowing audiences with their seamless integration of electronic music and world beats since the duo’s inception. Their sets feature the best of international dance music, smoothly mixing house, Afrobeat, funk and dancehall into a non-stop groove that motivates dance floors around the world.


At Worldtown’s core is collaboration—the Worldtown movement is about catalyzing the energy of the WORLDTOWN CITIZENS into community action, creative collaborations and global connections.